EC4 Word List
Set 10 On Quizlet

10181anthropologyn/æn•θrə•pɑ•lə•dʒɪ/the study of human origins and the development of society
10182circulatev/sɚ•kjʊ•lɛɪt/to go round continuously
10183commodityn/kə•mɑ•dɪ•tɪ/something valuable, usually for sale
10184communistn/kɑ•mjʊ•nɪst/a political system in which individual people do not own property or industries and people of all social classes are equal
10185compensatev/kɑm•pɛn•sɛɪt/to give something to people who have lost something or done something for you
10186corruptionn/kə•rʌp•ʃən/actions that are illegal or morally questionable, often performed by a person in a position of power
10187gravityn/græ•vɪ•tɪ/the force that makes things fall down towards the ground
10188intervenev/ɪn•tɚ•viːn/to get involved, to prevent trouble
10189limbn/lɪm/leg, arm or wing
10190obscureadj/əb•skjʊə/not famous, unknown by most people; not easy to understand
10191pestn/pɛst/an unwanted insect or small animal that eats plants or food supplies
10192polen/poʊl/a long, narrow piece of metal or wood, that is used to hold or support something
10193presumev/prɪ•zjum/to think that something is probably true
10194profoundadj/prə•faʊnd/showing a lot of deep knowledge or thought
10195retrievev/rɪ•triːv/to find and get something from somewhere
10196rotatev/roʊ•tɛɪt/to move or turn around a central point
10197slaveryn/slɛɪ•və•rɪ/the state of being a slave
10198upwardadv/ʌ•pwəd/moving toward a higher point or position
10199viableadj/vaɪ•ə•bl/able to be done; possible
10200wherebyadv/wɛɚ•baɪ/by which; by that thing