EC5 Word List
Set 1

11corpusn/koɚ•pəs/a body; in linguistics: a body of words
12gradientn/grɛɪ•djənt/a measure of how steep a road is; in science: the rate of change of something such as temperature or pressure
13diagnosticadj/daɪ•əg•nɑs•tɪk/finding a problem, such as a physical or mental problem
14variabilityn/vɛɚ•riːɚ•bɪ•lɪ•tɪ/the fact that something is not always the same; in statistics: the degree to which scores in a frequency distribution depart from the central value
15notationn/noʊ•tɛɪ•ʃən/a set of written signs or shapes that are used in music or mathematics
16inferencen/ɪn•fə•rəns/an opinion that you form based on information you already have
17consciousnessn/kɑnʃəsnəs/awake, able to hear, see, and think
18periodicadj/piːɚ•rɪ•ɑ•dɪk/happening regularly, but not frequently
19archaeologyn/ɑɚ•kɪ•ɑ•lə•dʒɪ/the study of ancient societies by looking at old tools, bones and buildings
110partitionn/pɑɚ•tɪ•ʃən/a wall, screen, or piece of glass used to separate one area from another
111morphologicaladj/moɚ•fə•lɑ•dʒɪ•kəl/the study of form and structure
112lateraladj/læ•tə•rəl/on the side; moving sideways
113calculusn/kæl•kjʊ•ləs/a type of mathematics used for calculating such things as the slopes of curves
114longitudinaladj/lɑn•dʒɪ•tju•dɪ•nL/going from the top to the bottom of something
115fetaladj/fiːtl/concerning a fetus, an unborn baby
116dialectn/daɪ•ə•lɛkt/a way of speaking a language that is used only in a particular area or by a particular group
117loopn/lup/a round shape
118derivativen/dɪ•rɪ•və•tɪv/something that has developed or been obtained from something else
119diffusionn/dɪ•fju•ʒən/the movement of light in many directions
120residualadj/rɪ•zɪ•djʊəl/concerning the last little bit, after the rest has gone or ended