EC5 Word List
Set 2 On Quizlet

221adaptiveadjə•dæp•tɪvable to adjust and meet the needs of new conditions
222aminonə•mi•noʊa substance that combines to form the structure of proteins
223equivalencen/ɪ•kwɪ•və•ləns/when something is equal to something else i.e. they are worth the same amount
224fluxn/flʌks/a state of flow and change
225fusionn/fju•ʒən/when different styles, ideas or designs combine to form something new; in physics: when atoms combine to produce nuclear energy
226hormonen/hoɚ•moʊn/a chemical produced by the body to control some function
227nitrogenn/naɪ•trɪ•dʒən/a colorless chemical element without a smell that forms most of the earth's atmosphere
228physiologicaladj/fɪ•ziːɚ•lɑ•dʒɪ•kəl/concerning how the body functions
229pin/paɪ/the ratio of the circumference to the diameter of a circle; approximately equal to 3.14
230plausibleadj/ploɚ•zə•bl/being reasonable and possibly true
231problematicadj/prɑb•lɪ•mæ•tɪk/being difficult to deal with or fix
232randomizev/ræn•də•maɪz/to arrange in a random order
233replicatev/rɛp•lə•keɪt/to repeat something, such as an experiment, study or process
234sensoryadj/sɛn•sə•rɪ/referring to the five senses (hearing, sight, smell, taste and touch)
235simplifyv/sɪm•plɪ•faɪ/to make something easier to do, use or understand
236substraten/səb•strāt/a substance which a catalyst or enzyme has an effect on
237tolerancen/tɑlərəns/a willingness to let people do, say or believe what they wish, without judging or challenging them
238tractn/trækt/a large stretch of land
239transcriptionn/træns•krɪp•ʃən/something written
240virtuen/vɚ•tju/a good quality