EC5 Word List
Set 3 On Quizlet

341artifactn/ɑɚ•tɪ•fækt/an object, such as a tool or weapon that was made by humans in the past
342binaryadj/baɪ•nə•rɪ/having two parts
343contourn/kɑn•tʊə/the shape of the outside edge of something
344curriculumn/kə•rɪ•kjʊ•ləm/a group of related courses, often in a special field of study:
345definiteadj/dɛ•fɪ•nɪt/not likely to change, clearly decided
346dimensionaladj/dɪ•mɛn•ʃə•nL/having parts that extent in a number of directions
347displacementn/dɪs•plɛɪs•mənt/the act of taking the place of something or someone else
348dissertationn/dɪ•sɚ•tɛɪ•ʃən/an in-depth paper submitted for a doctorate degree
349exponentialadj/ɛk•spoʊ•nɛn•ʃəl/a constant e raised to a power equal to a given expression: e.g. e3x is the exponential of 3x.
350influentialadj/ɪn•flʊ•ɛn•ʃəl/having the power to cause change; having influence
351oscillationn/ɑ•sɪ•lɛɪ•ʃən/movement, from side to side at a steady speed; a frequent change in size, strength, or direction between two limits
352progressionn/prə•grɛ•ʃən/the act of developing or getting closer to a goal
353quantumn/kwɑn•təm/the smallest unit or amount of energy
354reconstructv/riː•kəns•trʌkt/to rebuild something after it has been destroyed
355replicationn/rɛp•lə•keɪ•ʃən/the act of making copies
356sodiumn/soʊ•djəm/a soft, white chemical element
357standardizev/stæn•də•daɪz/to change something in order to make everything the same or make everything agree
358surgicaladj/sɚ•dʒɪ•kəl/concerning surgery
359turbulentadj/tɚ•bjʊ•lənt/moving violently and unevenly
360wavelengthnweɪv•lɛŋθthe size of a wave; a shared understanding