EC5 Word List
Set 5 On Quizlet

581bracketn/bræ•kɪt/a 90 degree piece of metal used to support a wall shelf
582contradictoryadj/kɑn•trə•dɪk•tə•rɪ/containing information, statements, or beliefs that do not agree with one another
583dictatev/dɪk•tɛɪt/to speak while another person (or computer) writes the words down
584elasticadj/ɪ•læs•tɪk/able to return to original shape or size after stretching
585elasticityn/ɛ•læs•tɪ•sɪ•tɪ/the ability to stretch easily and then quickly return to the original shape
586enforcementn/ɪn•foɚs•mənt/the act or process of making sure that rules are followed
587epidemicadj/ɛ•pɪ•dɛ•mɪk/a disease affecting many people
588epidemiologyn/ɛ•pə•diː•mi•ɑː•lə•ʤi/the science of how diseases spread
589hepatitisn/hɛpə'taɪtɪs/a disease of the liver that causes inflammation, yellow skin and a fever
590infectiousadj/ɪn•fɛk•ʃəs/capable of causing infection, by the spreading of a bacteria or virus to others
591inversionn/ɪn•vɚ•ʃən/a change in position of things so they become the opposite
592irrelevantadj/ɪ•rɛ•lɪ•vənt/not important, not related to the topic
593irrigationn/ɪ•rɪ•gɛɪ•ʃən/supplying lands with water using pipes or other artificial methods
594kidneyn/kɪd•nɪ/an organ in the body that cleans the blood
595machineryn/mə•ʃiː•nə•rɪ/machines in general
596optimumadj/ɑp•tɪ•məm/the best or most desirable
597rehabilitationn/riː•ə•bɪ•lɪ•tɛɪ•ʃən/a scheme to help someone who has been ill or in prison to return to a healthy, independent, and useful life
598syntheticadj/sɪn•θɛ•tɪk/not natural; made from artificial materials
599tonn/Y/a unit of weight equal to 907 kilograms
5100transprefixtrænza prefix meaning 'across', 'through' or 'changing thoroughly'