EC5 Word List
Set 6

6101cyclicadj/saɪk•lɪk/a series of regular and repeated actions
6102parenthesisn/pə•rɛn•θɪ•sɪs/one of two symbols ( and ), used in writing for separating a word, phrase, or number from a sentence
6103potassiumn/pə•tæ•sjəm/a common, soft, silvery white metal that is usually used for farming or industrial purposes
6104crudeadj/krud/basic or made without skill, such as a crude drawing
6105chemotherapyn/kɛmoʊ'θɛrəpɪ/the treatment of diseases, such as cancer, using chemicals
6106surplusadj/sɚp•ləs/extra; more than is needed
6107capillaryn/kə•pɪ•lə•rɪ/very small blood vessels
6108portfolion/poɚt•foʊ•ljoʊ/a list of the financial assets held by an individual or other financial institution
6109monopolyadv/mə•nɑ•pə•lɪ/complete control of the market for a service or product
6110invertv/ɪn•vɚt/to turn something upside down
6111clayn/klɛɪ/heavy, sticky earth used to make pottery
6112transcribev/træns•kraɪb/to write something spoken
6113dilutev/daɪ•ljut/to mix; to reduce in strength, concentration, quality or purity
6115antiprefix/æn•tɪ/a prefix meaning 'against' or 'opposed'
6116helixn/hiː•lɪks/a 3d spiral shape
6117solubleadj/sɑ•ljʊ•bl/can be mixed with a liquid, e.g. salt is soluble in water
6118innateadj/ɪ•nɛɪt/present in a person or animal from the time of birth
6119dioxiden/daɪ•ɑk•saɪd/an oxide containing two oxides per molecule
6120goatn/goʊt/a small animal related to sheep