EC5 Word List
Set 7 On Quizlet

7121abdominaladj/æb•dɑ•mɪ•nL/concerned with the abdomen or stomach
7122affirmv/ə•fɚm/to strengthen or support a belief that is already held
7123antiquityn/æn•tɪ•kwɪ•tɪ/an ancient period; something made a long time ago
7124auditv/oɚ•dɪt/to examine carefully for accuracy
7125complyv/kəm•plaɪ/to act in agreement with another's wishes; to obey a rule
7126confoundv/kən•faʊnd/to confuse and greatly surprise someone, so that they are unable to explain a situation
7127containern/kən•tɛɪ•nə/an object that can be used to hold things; a big metal box
7128degradev/dɪ•grɛɪd/to treat someone without respect; to reduce in amount or strength
7129drainn/drɛɪn/a pipe that removes water, or other liquids
7130emitv/ɪ•mɪt/to release or send something
7131footnoten/fʊt•noʊt/extra information at the bottom of a page
7132forumn/foɚ•rəm/a meeting where people can openly discuss a subject
7133fungusn/fʌŋ•gəs/a group of plants that grow on dead materials and have no flowers, e.g. mushrooms
7134gutn/gʌt/the parts inside: a human body, animal body or a machine
7135nichen/nɪtʃ/a small area; a specialised business, job or activity
7136precipitationn/prɪ•sɪ•pɪ•tɛɪ•ʃən/rain, snow or hail
7137reservoirn/rɛ•zə•vwɑɚ/a lake, usually artificial, where water is collected and stored for the use of a community or industry
7138supposedlyadv/sə•poʊ•zɪd•lɪ/based on what many people have said or believe to be true
7139urinen/jʊə•rɪn/yellow liquid waste from the body
7140yeastn/jiːst/a single-celled fungi used to make bread and beer