EC5 Word List
Set 8 On Quizlet

8141altituden/æl•tɪ•tjud/the height of something above sea level
8142aluminumn/ə•luː•mə•nəm/a very light silvery-white metal used to make cans and pans
8143biodiversitynbaɪ•oʊ•daɪ•vɚ•sə•tithe variation in an environment, the number of different types of life found there
8144chloriden/kloɚ•raɪd/a chemical compound that is a mixture of chlorine and something else
8145conductionn/kən•dʌk•ʃən/the transmission of heat, electricity or sound
8146credibilityn/krɛ•dɪ•bɪ•lɪ•tɪ/believable or deserving trust
8147criterian/kraɪ'tiːɚriːɚ/standards that are used to make a decision
8148facetn/fæ•sɪt/a part of something
8149gaugen/gɛɪdʒ/a tool used to measure things
8150incumbentn/ɪn•kʌm•bənt/a person who holds a particular office or position
8151liableadj/laɪ•ə•bl/legally responsible for something
8152minusprep/maɪ•nəs/being less than zero in number
8153pesticiden/pɛs•tɪ•saɪd/a chemical substance used to kill pests
8154precipitatev/prɪ•sɪ•pɪ•tɛɪt/to cause to happen
8155splicen/splaɪs/the act of connecting two pieces of rope or wire into one
8156subprefix/sʌb/a prefix meaning 'under' or 'instead of'
8157subtractv/səb•trækt/to take away, e.g. 20 - 5 = 15
8158transparencyn/træns•pɛɚ•rən•sɪ/the amount you can see through something
8159tutorn/tju•tə/a teacher
8160weavev/wiːv/to make something by crossing threads over and under each other