EC5 Word List
Set 9

9161fringen/frɪndʒ/the edge of something; such as the decorative edge on a piece of clothing
9162connotationn/kɑ•noʊ•tɛɪ•ʃən/an association; an implication
9163deltan/dɛl•tə/the place a river divides before entering a larger body of water
9164marrown/mæ•roʊ/a soft, fatty tissue inside bones
9165industrializev/ɪn•dʌs•tri•əl•aɪz/to develop a lot of industry
9166denominatorn/dɪ•nɑ•mɪ•nɛɪ•tə/the bottom number in a fraction
9167solventn/sɑl•vənt/something that dissolves or can melt another substance
9168slabn/slæb/a thick, flat slice of something
9169hedgen/hɛdʒ/a fence made with small trees; avoid or try to avoid fulfilling
9170soluten/sɚl•juːt/a substance that has dissolved in a solvent and become part of the liquid, so that they form a solution
9171dissectionn/dɪ•sɛk•ʃən/the act or process of cutting something
9172portrayaln/poɚ•trɛɪ•əl/the way that something or someone is represented in a book, film, picture or other context
9173acidicadj/ə'sɪdɪk/containing acid
9174upliftv/ʌp•lɪft/to make someone feel happier or more hopeful
9175flipv/flɪp/to rotate or turn something over
9176congruentadj/kɑŋ•grʊənt/having the same shape and size
9177parceln/pɑɚ•sl/a package or box wrapped in paper, a thing bigger than a letter that is sent in the mail
9178swordn/soɚd/a long metal weapon with a sharp point and edge
9179barreln/bæ•rəl/a round container with curved sides and flat ends
9180mentorn/mɛn•toɚ/an experienced or wise person who teaches or helps another person