EC5 Word List
Set 10

10181watershedn/woɚ•tə•ʃɛd/a period of time during which important, significant changes take place
10182litern/liː•tɚ/an amount of a liquid equivalent to one kilogram of water
10183oxidizev/ɑk•sɪ•daɪz/to make something combine with oxygen; to rust
10184mercuryn/mɚ•kjʊ•rɪ/a heavy, silver-white metal that is used in thermometers to measure temperature; a planet
10185headquartersn/hɛd•kwɔr•tərz/the main office of a company or organisation
10186multinationaladj/mʌl•taɪ•næ•ʃən•əl/involving many countries
10187comman/kɑ•mə/a mark that shows you when to take a break in the middle of a sentence
10188bizarreadj/bɪ•zɑɚ/odd or strange
10189novicen/nɑ•vɪs/a person with little or no experience in a particular activity, skill, or subject
10190enormouslyadv/ɪ'noɚməslɪ/extremely, by a large amount
10191molen/moʊl/a small animal with dark fur that lives under the ground; a unit for measuring molecules
10192bucketn/bʌ•kɪt/an open container with a handle used to hold liquids
10193swapv/swɑp/to trade or exchange
10194deflectionn/dɪ•flɛk•ʃən/the action of making something move in a different direction
10195factorialadj/fæk•toɚ•riːɚl/concerning factors or factorials
10196levern/liː•və/a handle that one pulls to operate a machine
10197descriptorn/dɪs•krɪp•tər/a label; something that describes
10198underneathadv/ʌn•də•niːθ/below or beneath something; under
10199reactorn/riː•æk•tə/a device used to control the release of nuclear energy as a power source
10200herbiciden/hɚ•bɪ•saɪd/a poison that kills weeds