Word Set 5

5101acute /ə•kjut/ adj very serious or severe; in maths, an angle < 90 degrees
5102aggregate /æ•grɪ•gɛɪt/ n total amount
5103array /ə•rɛɪ/ n a large group of people or things; a regular order or arrangement; in maths: a series of figures.
5104comparable /kɑm•pə•rə•bl/ adj similar to another thing, so that it is reasonable to compare them
5105continuity /kɑn•tɪ•nju•ɪ•tɪ/ n a situation in which something happens or exists for a long time without stopping or changing
5106disturbance /dɪs•tɚ•bəns/ n a noise or something that stops you from continuing what you were doing
5107diverse /daɪ•vɚs/ adj very different from each other
5108emission /ɪ•mɪ•ʃən/ n a substance, especially a gas, that goes into the air
5109entity /ɛn•tɪ•tɪ/ n something that is real
5110fiber faɪ•bɚ n a thin, threadlike part of an animal hair or plant tissue; an artificial thread; body cells that form muscles and nerves; a food substance
5111hierarchy /haɪ•ə•rɑɚ•kɪ/ n a system for organizing people or things according to their importance
5112interface /ɪntəfɛɪs/ n a shared boundary between two persons or systems through which information is communicated.
5113likelihood /laɪklɪhʊd/ n the chance that something might happen
5114methodology /mɛ•θə•dɑ•lə•dʒɪ/ n a system of practices, techniques, procedures, and rules that guide a discipline.
5115migration /maɪ•grɛɪ•ʃən/ n the process by which people or animals move to another place
5116modification /mɑ•dɪ•fɪ•kɛɪ•ʃən/ n a small change to a machine, system, or plan
5117paradigm /pæ•rə•daɪm/ n a set of ideas that are used for understanding or explaining something
5118probe /proʊb/ n a system or piece of equipment that is used to get information
5119radiation /rɛɪ•dɪ•ɛɪ•ʃən/ n energy that is radiated or transmitted in the form of rays, waves or particles.
5120thereby /ðɛɚ•baɪ/ adv by that means; because of that
5121tumor tu•mɚ n a mass of abnormal cells that develops when cancerous cells divide and grow uncontrollably
5122utility /ju•tɪ•lɪ•tɪ/ n being useful; a public service such as gas, water, or electricity that is used by everyone
5123valid /væ•lɪd/ adj sound; just; well-founded
5124validity /və•lɪ•dɪ•tɪ/ n how true something is
5125vertical /vɚ•tɪ•kəl/ adj a line going up/down; not horizontal