Word Set 7

7151adjacent /ə•dʒɛɪ•sənt/ adj being close or near to a border, wall, or point
7152assembly /ə•sɛm•blɪ/ n a group of machine parts that fit together to form a tool or machine
7153calcium /kæl•siːɚm/ n a substance important for human and animal health, particularly for making bones and teeth
7154closure /kloʊ•ʒə/ n the act of closing something
7155critique /krɪ•tiːk/ n a review of the quality of a work
7156cue /kju/ n a word or action during a stage play to tell an actor to speak
7157depict /dɪ•pɪkt/ v to describe someone or something
7158fertility /fɚ•tɪ•lɪ•tɪ/ n the state of a female being able to produce young
7159indigenous /ɪn•dɪ•dʒɪ•nəs/ adj living or growing naturally in an area, not brought from somewhere else
7160indirect /ɪn•dɪ•rɛkt/ adj having a path that is not straight or direct
7161inhibition /ɪn•hɪ•bɪ•ʃən/ n the process whereby nerves can retard or prevent the functioning of an organ; the act of blocking or holding back
7162minimize /mɪ•nɪ•maɪz/ v to make something as small as possible
7163parental /pə•rɛn•tl/ adj concerning, or provided by, a parent
7164preliminary /prɪ•lɪ•mɪ•nə•rɪ/ adj before
7165prominent /prɑ•mɪ•nənt/ adj being important or well known
7166psychiatric /saɪ•kɪ•æ•trɪk/ adj concerning or used in psychiatry
7167qualitative /kwɑ•lɪ•tə•tɪv/ adj concerning how good something is, rather than quantity
7168questionnaire /kwɛs•tiːɚ•nɛɚ/ n a series of written questions, given to many people, in order to learn information, facts and opinions
7169readily /rɛdɪlɪ/ adv in a quick and easy manner
7170render /rɛn•də/ v to cause someone or something to behave in a particular way, or to enter into a particular condition
7171ritual /rɪ•tjʊəl/ n performed as part of a formal ceremony
7172tense /tɛns/ adj stretched tight and stiff
7173transaction /træn•zæk•ʃən/ n an exchange; in business this usually involves money
7174unity /ju•nɪ•tɪ/ n being in full agreement; whole
7175utilize /ju•tɪ•laɪz/ v to use something practically for a particular purpose