Word Set 8

8176accumulation /ə•kju•mjʊ•lɛɪ•ʃən/ n the gathering of something over a period of time
8177allocation /æ•lə•kɛɪ•ʃən/ n an amount of money, space, etc. that is given to somebody for a particular purpose
8178commentary /kɑ•mən•tə•rɪ/ n a discussion of a written work or event, usually to give greater explanation or opinion on it
8179confine /kən•faɪn/ v to keep something or someone within a limited area so it cannot escape
8180consensus /kən•sɛn•səs/ n a decision that is shared by most of the members of a group
8181contradiction /kɑn•trə•dɪk•ʃən/ n the act of saying that something is not true or very different
8182dense /dɛns/ adj very thick
8183discharge /dɪs•tʃɑɚdʒ/ v to release someone or something
8184ethics /ɛ•θɪks/ n the moral principles, standards, and rules for deciding what is right and wrong
8185exploit /ɪks•ploɪt/ v to use something or someone selfishly or unethically
8186habitat /hæbɪtæt/ n the natural place, or type of place, where a plant or animal lives
8187null /nʌl/ adj having no impact
8188peripheral /pə•rɪ•fə•rəl/ adj not connected to the main or important part of something
8189practitioner /præk•tɪ•ʃŋ•ə/ n a person working in a profession such as medicine
8190pragmatic /præg•mæ•tɪk/ adj dealing with problems in a reasonable, practical manner
8191productivity /prɑ•dʌk•tɪ•vɪ•tɪ/ n the rate at which something is made or done
8192protocol /proʊ•tə•kɑl/ n a set of rules; computers use protocol so they can exchange information
8193radius /rɛɪ•djəs/ n a given area or a range around a certain point; a line from the center of a circle to its edge
8194reinforce /riː•ɪn•foɚs/ v to strengthen
8195residue /rɛ•zɪ•dju/ n left over after part or most is taken away
8196scatter /skæ•tə/ v to make things separate and go in different directions
8197spontaneous /spɑn•tɛɪ•njəs/ adj something that happens on its own, seemingly without cause
8198static /stætɪk/ adj being unchangeable or unmovable
8199straightforward /strɛɪt•foɚ•wəd/ adj easy to do or understand; not complicated
8200suicide /sjʊ•ɪ•saɪd/ n the act of purposely killing yourself because you no longer wish to live