Word Set 5

51alterto change a part of something
52assistto support or help someone
53clouda white or gray mass in the sky that is made of many very small drops of water
54crewa team of people with special skills who work together
55excludeto prevent someone from access to a group
56falsenot real or genuine — used to say that something is not really what it seems to be
57formulaa plan, rule or method for doing or making something
58grandinvolving or including many people or things : very large in scope
59hencefrom now, later than the present time
510inspireto make someone feel that they want to do something and can do it
511persuadeto cause (someone) to do something by asking, arguing, or giving reasons
512phenomenona fact that can observed and studied
513pupila child or young person who is being taught : student
514recruitto try to persuade someone to work for a company or to join an organization
515restoreto put or bring back into existence or use, mend
516secondaryless important than something else
517stringa long, thin piece of twisted thread that you use to attach things, tie things together, or hang things
518tightdifficult to move : fastened, attached, or held in a position that is not easy to move
519welfarea program for poor or unemployed people help living
520wetcovered or soaked with water or another liquid : not dry