Word Set 6

61anymoreIf you do not do something or something does not happen any more, you have stopped doing it or it does not now happen
62besideby the side of (someone or something) : next to (someone or something)
63convertto change into a different form, character, or function
64devoteto decide to use or give something for something else
65disastersomething that causes a lot of harm or damage; a very bad situation or result
66heavilya lot or to a great degree
67herosomeone who does something brave or good which people respect or admire them for
68justifygiving reasons for doing something
69metera piece of equipment for measuring the amount of something such as electricity, time, or light
610nosethe part of the face or head through which a person or animal smells and breathes
611pacethe speed at which someone or something moves or does something
612perceiveto notice or become aware of something
613routinethe things you regularly do and how and when you do them
614sailto travel on water in a ship or boat
615sinkto go down below the surface of water, mud, etc.
616stareto look at someone or something for a long time and not move your eyes
617steadynot shaking or moving : held firmly in one place or position
618supportersomeone who supports a particular idea, group, or person; a sports fan
619terroristsomeone who is involved in terrorism
620trucka large road vehicle for carrying goods from place to place