Word Set 9

91albumseveral songs or pieces of music on a CD or record; a book in which you keep photographs, stamps, etc.
92analystsomeone whose job is to examine the details of a situation carefully, and give their opinion about it
93apartmenta set of rooms for someone to live in on one level of a building or house
94cakea sweet baked food made from a mixture of flour, sugar, and other ingredients (such as eggs and butter)
95demonstrationa protest in which people march or stand together; showing how to do something, or how something works
96designersomeone who draws and plans how something will be made
97disordera disease or mental problem; uncontrolled, bad behavior, especially by large groups of people
98foundationthe action of establishing an organization
99furniturechairs, tables, beds, etc., that are used to make a room ready for use
910innovationa new idea or method that is being tried for the first time, or the use of such ideas or methods
911platforma raised surface for people to stand on, especially when they are speaking to a lot of people; the area in a railway station where you get on and off the train
912pollutiondamage caused to water, air, etc. by harmful substances or waste
913restrictiona rule or law that limits what people can do
914singersomeone who sings
915steela strong, hard metal made of iron and carbon
916strainwhen you feel worried and nervous about something; an injury to part of your body that is caused by using it too much
917symbolan action, object that represents a particular idea or quality
918transformto change the shape completely in a good way
919withdrawto take money out of a bank account; to move out of a position, competition, area, etc.
920woundan injury that is caused when a knife, bullet, etc., cuts or breaks the skin