Word Set 1

11adpublic notice or advertisement
12assessTo judge something's value or suitability
13assessmentconclusion/opinion formed after due consideration
14bindTo wrap something with rope
15budgetthe amount of money planned to be spent on something
16colleagueperson you work together or cooperate with
17componentOne of the parts that consists something
18confirmTo provide evidence to establish the truth of
19councilgroup chosen to make decisions about something
110facilitypiece of equipment or buildings with a special use
111federalsystem of government
112grantTo give or let someone do what they want
113insurancePayments to cover potential loss/damage/injury/death
114investigationsearch for information about something
115investmentsomething purchased hoping its value will increase
116ontoMovement towards a certain direction, or into a certain area
117procedureusual or standard way in which something is done
118quoteTo use someone's exact words in your writing or speech
119revenueMoney that is made by or paid to a business
120schemeoften dishonest plan to get or do something
121seriesnumber of things that happen one after another
122straightNot having curves, bends, or angles
123troopgroup of soldiers, especially horse; an organized group
124vehiclemachine (such as a car) that is used to carry things
125whereastaking into consideration the fact that