Word Set 2

21assetthing that has value to you
22columnregular series of articles in newspaper or magazine
23commissiongroup officially put in charge of e.g. education
24complaintSaying something is wrong and should be changed
25debtSum of money owed to somebody that is not yet paid
26estateLand that a person owns
27guardto keep watch over something to protect it e.g. a bank
29investorperson who spends money to help business grow
210legislationact or process of writing and passing laws
211multipleHaving or involving more than one of something
212participantperson who is actively involved and included in something
213pollprocess of gathering people's opinions about something by asking a question or series of questions about a particular subject
214priorExisting or coming earlier in time
215provisionclause in a legal document
216pursueTo follow and try to catch or to reach a goal
217relevantConcerning a subject in an considerable way
218secureTo protect something from danger or harm, keep things safe
219settlementplace or region where people build homes and few people have lived before
220stableIn a good situation or condition not likely changed
221threatenTo say you will harm or hurt someone
222urgeTo strongly persuade someone to do something
223viaBy going through, by way of
224voterperson who can vote in an election
225witness person who sees something happen