Word Set 3

31accommodationplace to stay, often a hotel
32aircraftvehicle that can fly
33approximatelyaround; nearly; almost; about (a number)
34assumptionsomething you believe to be so, but aren't sure of
35betTo gamble money to win more money, e.g. on horses
36breasttwo soft round parts on a woman’s chest.
37collapseTo suddenly fall down or break apart into pieces
38criterionstandard used to make judgments or decisions
39deriveFormed or developed from something else; not original
310enhanceMake effect to increase or improve
311genepart of cell in a that controls the development and appearance of a living thing
312implicationpossible effects or results from an action or event
313implyto suggest something, without saying it directly
314initiativeability to decide or act upon things yourself without depending on someone else
315installTo set up a piece of EQUIPMENT so that it is ready to use
316integrateto combine together; make into one thing
317massiveVery big large too big
318plotTo plan something in secret, often something bad
319premisebuilding and the area of land that it rests upon
320presidentialConcerning the president
321regionalConcerning a particular area
322retainTo continue to have or use, keep the quality
323sequenceorder in which things (should) happen
324substantialBeing large in degree, quantity, or size
325trulyIn accordance with truth or fact or reality