Word Set 4

41accurateWith no mistake or error; Correct
42advocateTo publicly support a belief, or to request change
43allySomeone who supports, helps, or defends you
44approvalpositive opinion of something or someone
45citeTo reference the work of others in your writing
46competitorsomeone taking part in race, business, etc
47cropPlants grown on a farm for food, e.g. corn or rice
48crucialExtremely important
49dealerSomeone who buys things to sell to others
410depositpart payment so that an item will be kept for you
411dimensionmeasurable extent of length, width, or height
412exposurestate of experiencing something directly
413interventionact of coming between two or more parties in a situation or disagreement to try to change the result
414matureBeing an adult, being fully developed physically
415negotiateTo have a formal discussion to reach an agreement
416newlyVery recently; just done or made
417portionpart of a whole
418poseto put someone in a position to be photographed
419poverty state of being poor
420preciselyIn an exact and accurate manner
421radicalvery new and different from what is traditional
422shareholderSomeone who holds shares of stock in a corporation
423subsequentHappening after
424vantruck with an enclosed cargo space
425vicespecific form of evildoing