Word Set 5

51adequateenough; good enough for what is needed
52beneathUnder; In or to a lower position; below
53buryTo put something into the ground and cover it
54compensation(money) given or received as payment for loss
55compoundCombined into, or making up a chemical combination
56correspondTo have similarity or equality with something
57counselTo listen and give expert advice to someone
58dedicateTo give your energy, time, etc. completely to someone
59dialogconversation between two or more individuals
510embraceact of holding someone closely
511formatform, design, or arrangement of something
512incentiveSomething that encourages a person to work hard
513marginedge or border of a page on above, below
514measurementsize or amount of something or someone
515messstate of confusion and disorderliness
516mortgagelong-term loan from a bank for buying property
517mutualShared between two or more people
518possessto have or own something
519privilegeadvantage or right that is given to only a certain person or group of people
520promptBeing done quickly and with no delay
521provincearea that a country or nation is divided into
522pumpTo make water or any other liquid move using a machine
523roughlyIn an inexact or imprecise manner
524segmentpart divided from the other parts of something
525surgerymedical treatment in which a doctor performs an operation, cutting into a body to remove or repair internal parts