Word Set 6

61allegeto State without proof
62bintype of container, usually for trash
63boostTo help increasing progress or growth
64chamberenclosed space that holds something e.g. bullets in a gun
65clausespecific term or demand in a legal agreement
66constraintThing that prevents you moving or acting; restriction
67damnUsed as expletives
68deficitproperty of being an amount by which something is less than expected or required
69diversitystate or quality of having a range of different things and ideas
610equationmathematical statement showing things to be equal
611evolveTo slowly change or develop into something better
612expenditureamount of money used during a certain time
613fold To bend one part of something against another part e.g. paper
614gearthe transmission configuration in a vehicle
615inquiryrequest for information
616jailplace to hold criminals being punished for a crime
617modifyTo make minor change to something
618personnelgroup of people who work for a company
619pilegroup of things one on top of another
620pregnantWhen women carry a child inside them that is not yet born
621regulateTo set or adjust the amount, restrict something
622sakeinterest or benefit of someone or something
623stabilityquality or state of not being easily moved or changed
624undergoTo experience or endure something (bad) that happens to you
625whilstDuring the time that; at the same time