Word Set 7

71amendmenta change, addition, or improvement to something
72biaspreference to believe things even if incorrect
73blessTo make something holy by saying a special prayer
74bunchgroup of things of the same kind
75clusterTo come together as in a cluster or flock
76controversialCausing a great deal of argument, discussion, or conflict
77excessamount that is more than necessary
78extractTake something out of something else
79firmlyin a hard, steady, unchanging way
710implementationact of implementing (providing a practical means for accomplishing something); carrying into effect
711jurygroup of 12 citizens who listen to information about the problem or crime, receive instructions from the judge, and decide the guilt or innocence of the person on trial
712liabilitysomething that is owed to someone else, e.g. a debt
713nervefibers in the body that enable feeling and movement
714portraitpainting, drawing or photograph of a person's head and shoulders
715preciseVery accurate and exact expression or detail
716presumablyConcerning a true or likely nature
717racialConcerning or according to race
718rearTo bring up animals e.g. horses as a farmer
719reckonto believe or expect that something is true
720reviseTo make changes, add something to improve
721sanctionaction taken to force a country to obey laws
722storageact of storing something; a depository for goods
723triggerlever on a gun that you pull to fire
724vesselPot, container
725veteranExperienced through long service or practice