Eigo gakka kyōiku kenkyū 3

English Language Education Research 3



Instructor: Brent Culligan, Ed.D.


Course Description: In this core course for the Monkasho junior high school English teacher certificate program we examine your personal language learning history and study some language teaching approaches/methods and the research that informed them. We examine characteristics of junior high school students and their learning context, the Monkasho Course of English Study Guidelines for junior high school, ministry-approved textbooks, and evaluate how well these materials work for teaching junior high school students.


Class Goals: In this course, students will learn about different methods and the principles that guide these methods. Students will show this knowledge by giving oral reports and by taking a review quiz at the end of the course. Students will also learn how to apply these methods in their own teaching by doing practice lessons in class.


Participation & Attendance: Students must attend 2/3 of all classes to receive credit for the course.


Preparation for Class: Every week, you will be required to read the textbook before class and take notes during class.


Remarks for Class: Regular on-time attendance, preparation of weekly homework, active participation in class.


Text:    Nation, P. (2014). What do you need to know to learn a foreign language? Victoria University of Wellington: Wellington, New Zealand

            Nation, P. (2013). What Should Every EFL Teacher Know? Compass Publishing.


Evaluation Criteria: The grade for the course will be based on the weekly notes, notes on additional readings, completion of homework, a final essay exam, and a demonstration lesson. Your grade will be calculated according to the following: Participation 30%; Reports 40%; Oral Presentations 30%.


Student Questions:  When students have questions, they can contact me before or after class. I can also be reached at


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Review of Class: Every week, you will be required to review your notes and incorporate your lecture notes with your readings. You should also write down any questions so you can ask them during the following class.



Daily Class Schedule






Apr 08

Course Introduction


Apr 15

Nation (2014) Chapter 1 What do you need to do to learn a foreign language? & Chapter 2 Work out what your needs are and learn what is most useful for you


Apr 22

Nation (2013) Chapter 1 - What Should an English Teacher Do?


May 06

Nation (2013) Chapter 2 - How Do You Teach Listening and Speaking?


May 13

Elementary School Guidelines & Encounters in the UK


May 20

Nation (2013) Chapter 3 - How Do You Make Good Problem-Solving Speaking Activities?


May 27

Nation (2013) Chapter 4 - How Do You Teach Reading?


Jun 03

Nation (2013) Chapter 5 - How Do You Teach Writing?


Jun 10

Junior High School Guidelines & Stories from Morocco


Jun 17

Nation (2013) Chapter 6 - How Do You Teach Pronunciation and Spelling?


Jun 24

Nation (2013) Chapter 7 - How Do You Teach Vocabulary?


Jul 01

Nation (2013) Chapter 8 - How Do You Teach Grammar?


Jul 08

Nation (2013) Chapter 9 - How Do You Teach Discourse?


Jul 15

Sample Lesson Presentations